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This transitional and modern style project, features a tasteful incorporation of blue accents throughout. To lend a natural and organic feel, we've utilized woods and wicker materials in our design. The two-toned kitchen, featuring a mix of materials, adds a bold and distinctive touch. The goal being to experience the harmonious balance of modern and earthy elements.

Preiser - 008.jpg
Preiser - 006.jpg
Preiser - 007.jpg
Preiser - 010.jpg
Preiser - 002_edited.jpg
Preiser - 011.jpg
Preiser - 013.jpg
Preiser - 016 cropped_edited.jpg
Preiser - 017.jpg
preiser loft_edited.jpg
Preiser - 020.jpg
Preiser - 024.jpg
Preiser - 022.jpg
Preiser - 026.jpg
Preiser - 014.jpg
preiser bathroom_edited.jpg
Preiser - 018.jpg
preiser master 3.jpg
preiser master 2.jpg
preiser master 1.jpg
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